Change your thinking and change your life!

I truly believe the power of the mind is a wonderful thing.  Our minds really can take us to success –or it can hold us back, just by what it is telling us.  And what I mean here is, our own internal dialogue (or mind monkeys, as I also like to call them).

For years (through school, university and the first part of my career), I wasn’t confident at all.  I really wanted to be the person who gave their opinion freely, who spoke out at meetings and got credit for the ideas which were going on in my mind.  However, my inner dialogue was completely holding me back.  When I was in meetings, my mind monkeys would be saying, “You can’t say that, they won’t take you seriously”, or “That’s just stating the obvious”.

So I would sit and listen to everyone else come up with ideas.  And sometimes someone else would come up with my idea – and guess, what?  The congratulations would pour in for that person, and I would be left feeling frustrated.

So I knew that I had to change my thinking – because there was nothing wrong with my views or solutions to problems; what was wrong was that I didn’t have the confidence to voice them.  What’s worse is that I knew that this was holding back my career and my future earnings potential.

So I learnt to overcome those mind monkeys – when my inner dialogue said something negative, I challenged it and replaced it with positive thoughts, to drive me forward.  I started making contributions in meetings – and I got recognition, I got respect and I got promoted – a lot!

So are you holding yourself back?  Are you avoiding situations because of your inner dialogue?  If so, change your thinking.  Think of positive thoughts that you can say to yourself – and when those negative thoughts creep in, replace them with your positive thoughts.

Also, just take a couple minutes each day to repeat those positive thoughts to yourself – because the more you say those things, the more your mind will believe it – and if your mind believes it, your actions and success will follow!


How to attract great things in your life!

What is the secret to great success?  Well, I know it – and I will share it with you and luckily, it’s very simple.

In my experience all the successful people I know have just one thing in common – the ability to think positively and believe in their success.  These people did not just want success, the embodied it – believing they were already successful, never doubting their ability to achieve their dreams: they could see what it looked like, what it felt like and it came easily to them.

So was there anything else?  Brilliant business acumen?  Remarkable intelligence?  Fantastic creative ability?  No, actually all the successful people I know couldn’t be more different – apart from their vision, thoughts and beliefs.

Meta-Physicists will explain this by the law of attraction, whereby energy attracts like energy – so when we are feeling positive, positive things happen; and of course, when we are feeling negative, negative things happen.  In fact, wherever we focus our energy, more energy happens.  Therefore, we are completely in control of what happens to us just by the mood that we are in and how we choose to think.

So this made me think about my life and how my thoughts affected what has happened to me so far and actually I realised there was a massively strong correlation between my thought processes and feelings to my events.

Whilst I would like to think of myself as naturally a glass half full person but in reality I know that I have spent much of my life moaning about the weather, my job, not having enough money… the list goes on.  I also have periods of feeling generally shitty, a bit down and becoming susceptible to colds. When I reflect on this I believe my mind really does affect how I feel: when I am feeling positive about things, I feel I can conquer anything and I stay well; when I see the negative in things, I feel down and my immune system breaks down. Furthermore, I have previously held limiting beliefs for example, that I could achieve anything if I worked hard enough.  On the face of it, this may not sound limiting but this belief has often meant that achievement has been a struggle – but I would get there through lots of hard work!  I have also held negative beliefs around money due to relationships where I have been relied upon to fund everything, leaving me resentful of money and not wishing for money to come easily as I felt that it would be taken away again. And yet, when I have really believed that I am deserving of something and focused on it, it would come easily.

So now I choose to be happy, I choose to be grateful. I also choose to have positive thinking: it’s great to be happy; to have a healthy body that serves me well; to have a wonderful family and be deserving of all these great things that are happening to me.  And I now believe that I am lucky and deserving to be a lottery winner – because you never know…

If you focus on what you want, magic will happen!