Why I Love My Pendulum

Well first off, it’s pretty isn’t it?  It’s crystal, it creates beautiful rainbow patterns in the lights and I secretly admit, that’s partly why I was first attracted to having a pendulum.

However, I first came across using pendulums when I trained to become a hypnotherapist six years ago.  I did the course initially because I thought that hypnotic language could support my coaching clients (that’s a whole other topic though) but was perhaps a little cynical about hypnotherapy per se.  But during the course I was completed converted; and learned so much about mind and body connection.  This was especially apparent when using a pendulum: what I learned was that when we have different thoughts this creates reactions in our body which we are totally unaware of.  For example, if when holding a pendulum completely still, we think the word, ‘No’ then the pendulum will react (from physiological sensations) and will move in a certain direction; if we then think, ‘yes’ then the pendulum will move differently.

So what does this mean?  Well firstly, it’s a reminder to be careful about what you think of – because thoughts really do have a physiological link.  Secondly, it means that when we are really stuck for ideas we can use a pendulum to find the answer.  For me, I know that ‘No’ is symbolised by my pendulum moving from left to right, back and forth; and that ‘yes’ is symbolised by the pendulum moving in circles.  So I can ask myself a question and see what response I get (allowing my unconscious mind to generate the answer for me) – note: do not think an answer if you want your unconscious mind / subconscious to find an answer for you!

So why would you want your unconscious mind to help?  Well, actually our minds are often so full of chatter (both helpful and unhelpful); which means decision making can be quite difficult.  This occurs because when we need to make a decision, the subconscious (or unconscious mind) will make a decision – even before we are aware of it (usually several seconds).  As it transfers to the conscious mind all sorts of other information interfere, such as our beliefs etc, which means we can effectively change our minds along the way, without even realising it.  So if we want a true response without the interference of mind chatter (those little voices which say you can’t do something / you’re not good enough etc) or other beliefs, then we need a way of directly reaching our subconscious – the pendulum.

Also, I often lose my keys – and I know my subconscious knows where I put them, but has filed that memory away a bit too well!

So for me the pendulum provides me with a great reminder of the mind-body connection and to think positive thoughts; it helps me make difficult decisions when I am sure that my mind really does know the answer; and of course, it’s beautiful and I love beautiful things in my life!  Oh – and where are those keys?…