What is your purpose?

Today I met my great friend, Vicki for coffee.  It’s something we try to do every month or so within our busy, hectic lives – and really look forward to as it’s great to catch up on our lives and to compare business notes (my friend is a very talented artist).

Well as usual, I was updating my friend on how my coaching business was going and how I had recently been working on some great opt-ins for my website and social media.  Then, Vicki challenged me by saying, “Yvonne, this isn’t what your business is all about.  You are about the fabulous coaching you deliver, about connecting with your clients, about holding their space so they can sort their shit and move forward.  You are personable and have a wealth of coaching skills and you set out to help others.  How are you selling this?”

It stopped me in my tracks. I sat back and realised I had made the exact mistake I warn my clients against.  I had lost focus on my vision, my mission – what I am all about.  I was being swept along by what other people deliver because I had found it useful for my business – but that is not what I am about! I realised that the things that make me and my business unique are becoming lost in the wider information I am getting out there and I need to simplify my message.

Running a business is an evolving journey but it is SO important not to lost sight of what your vision is and who you are. Think about why you are doing it, what your purpose it and what you want to be known for – and revisit that regularly.  Yes, I had a wake-up call today – and yes, I felt very foolish for falling into the trap.  However, I realise I am not infallible, I make mistakes like everyone else but life is a learning experience and it’s never too late to re-focus and move forward.   It’s also a great reminder to always be authentic in what you do and stay true to purpose.