Productivity doesn’t always mean working harder

School holidays for me represents a change in pace in my work as I juggle seeing clients (usually fewer due to their own holidays), creating programmes and web content and of course, entertaining my two crazy, energetic and lovely boys.

This always makes me reflect on what are the most important tasks I need to complete, which I can also do in short bursts whilst the children are playing football or entertained by a DVD.  But of course, the whole reason I changed my career and began working for myself was because I wanted to spend MORE time with my children – and actually doing stuff with them, rather than being in the same room, doing my work whilst they do something else.

What I have found during these holidays is that actually when I am most relaxed – whether it’s lying on the sun lounger on holiday or chilling out with the boys after an energetic game of cricket, is that ideas come more freely.  There’s something about relaxing which means I don’t have to think too hard for the ideas to come.  So for me, spending that quality time with the children has been really productive – it has meant I have come up with some really focused ideas about how I can take my business forward.  I have captured these ideas by scribbling them down and translating these ideas into small workable tasks- which I can either take forward when the children go to bed, or I can take forward when the children go back to school in a few weeks.  And what is great, is that I feel more energised because I have a much stronger focus on what I’m delivering and yet I have not done this through working harder – I have done this by having fun and enjoying time with my family.

Productivity comes in many forms, but it doesn’t necessarily mean working harder…









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