Real and Random Facts About Me

I have gained quite a few new followers in recent months and thought you may want to know a bit more about me.  Here are some real and some pretty random facts about me.

Star_transparentResized1000     I live in beautiful Somerset, which I have done since birth, only living in Devon for my three years at University.  I never tire of the scenery and love taking walks by myself or with my two children; or finding a quiet spot to take my work to, so I can make the most of the views.

Blueflower_transparentResized600      At University I got a degree in Psychology which fuelled my passion for understanding how people think and how to get the best out of people.  It took 15 years however, for me to take a leap of faith and set up my coaching business so I could help others get the best from themselves.

PinkFlowerLarge_transparentResized1000   I am a qualified Hypnotherapist!  I love hypnotic language and decided it would compliment my qualifications in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  I therefore, love adding hypnotic language to my coaching – and if my clients are up for it, adding hypnotherapy and meditations to my programmes to get even better results! (I also use this on my children to get them to go to sleep at night – should I admit that?)

Star_transparentResized1000    In 2014 I completed my first ever Triathlon.  I had to buy and bike and learn to swim properly to even take part, but I did it!  Proof to anyone that knows me (I was always last to be picked in sport at school because I was rubbish), that if you set a clear objective and a good action plan, you can achieve anything.  Amazingly, I have even kept the running and cycling going – although not as often as I did in my training.

Leaves_transparentResized100   As you can probably tell from the above statement, I love planning and have to know all the detail before I do anything.  Therefore, I produce plans and actions plans for everything – so you will always find some practical planners in my programmes

BlueFlowerLarge_transparentResized1000   I love pretty stationery and have loads of notebooks lined up in my bookcase.  Some get used, but some are definitely only for looking at!

Star_transparentResized1000  I also love books and have hundreds all over the house and stored in the garage.  Book topics include Cognitive Psychology, Coaching Practice, Business Books, Healing Books and poor quality beach novels (my guilty pleasure).  I have read most of the books but tend to buy more before I have read what I own and so I have a big pile of books next to my bed which I always intend to read but don’t seem to get around to.

Pinkflower_transparentResized600  When I was two I fell out of a moving car onto a dual carriage-way (this is before seatbelts and car seats were compulsory in the back of cars).  Amazingly, even though I fell and was found sat in the middle of a busy road, I was completely unscathed.  It’s a good story to tell my children too, to get them to put their seatbelts on.

Seedheads_transparentResized1000   I am fiercely independent and have been pretty much financially independent since I was sixteen.  I was proud to have supported myself through university and this gave me the determination to ensure that my degree was worthwhile so I have always set earning targets and more than met them.  I’m not sure what this says about me – but I’m sure my husband has something to say on it!

Star_transparentResized1000  Apart from reading, running and cycling, I love watching TV and films with my family.  Nothing beats being cuddled up with the kids on the sofa, watching a Disney film!







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